"Say what you mean and don't hold back."


"Say what you mean and don't hold back."

It seems like the world is always dealing with something that makes us ask "Why?", but in the midst of it all, I have found that music and the creative arts in general can be a healing diversion.

I started this music project at a crazy time when the world was experiencing more uncertainty than most of us have ever known in our lifetimes.  I found a sense of purpose sitting still with a guitar and a notepad and writing songs that I felt I was being guided to write.  That process involved real work, but recording these four songs and completing the project was the ultimate goal and reward. 

Beyond that, my hope is that anyone at any age will do something for themselves that reaches a goal they have always thought about, but for whatever reason they are putting it off.  As individuals, you will know when the time is right for you and when that happens, I wish inspired  energy, quality resources and much support from those around each one of you!  As we like to say in our family..."Let it happen."

                    From my heart to yours



L K Pryor's  KY roots and touring background from the East Coast to the West Coast eventually brought her to Nashville's "Third Coast" as a place to call home with her husband, Wesley Pryor.  

"Both of us wanted to be closer to the music industry and connect with the creative community in Nashville and over the years, we have felt like we made a good decision."

L K Pryor's own music development actually began as a child performing classical piano music, but she also loved Rock-n-Roll and Motown music.  Along with friends, Paula Howard Pierce and Terri Turbeville, she started co-writing songs and performing in talent shows.  Throughout those years and beyond, everything revolved around music education and performance.  

Even during high school, Pryor was influenced by music directors, George Murphy and Kent Ransdell to have discipline and work toward reaching goals.  And Murray State University  professors, "Doc" Mcgaughey and Bob Valentine were both creative influences on many levels of education.

Soon after college, Pryor and her husband were hitting the road with the TMJ Band, based out of Ky, playing gigs at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood and other clubs across the country. They also performed in a Broadway show about the life of Elvis Presley that toured Las Vegas and  New York's Beacon Theater, along with performing in venues across the U.S., Canada and Europe. 

Following the Broadway show, the band was fortunate to work and record with the show's music producer, Robby Merkin, on several of the band's original songs.  They also had regional success with songs produced in Nashville by Rob Galbraith.

Pryor's songwriting skills continued to build working in Nashville with Steff Mahan, Mak Kaylor, Sam Gay, Rhonda Belford, Kat Graham & Nanette Malher, plus attending workshops and going to listening rooms in town. 

"I learned so much from listening to top song writers at the Bluebird Cafe and other venues.  I was very fortunate to work with a few of them and learned how important it was to rewrite lyrics. I admire Mark Nesler, Tony Martin, Jimmy Yeary, Baillie & the Boys, Alyssa Bonagura and Jeff Bates for their examples of how to keep working on the best way to say something in a song and make it fit the melody."

In addition to working with Nashville songwriters, Pryor's songwriting experience also included working on lyrics for an R & B project with the Memphis All-Stars. Her husband, Wesley, played drums for them at the time and she affectionately became known as "The Word Lady", sharing a No. 1 regional song status co-write with their song, "Lovin' My Baby."

Pryor continued her songwriting passion  when she co-founded the duo, Butterfly Rose, in Nashville, TN with Carol Zamora Ward. One of their main projects was an all original, ten song CD about influential "Women of the Smokies" that was a companion to the book released by Courtney Lix.  All three ladies, along with promotional help from Beverly Hickman Linkous, collaborated on book tours to share stories and songs about these amazing women that included Dolly Parton, Margaret Stevenson, The Walker Sisters and more.

During this time, Pryor also had a strong desire to play guitar and use it as a songwriting tool.  She wanted to buy something meaningful with birthday gift money from her parents, so she bought an acoustic guitar and took a few lessons. As she continued to experiment with tuning options suggested by her brother, she got more comfortable playing guitar and her creativity started to flow.  From then on, Pryor continued to work on the songs that would later become the "COLD HARD TRUTH"  EP project.

With so much musical background and life's twists and turns,  Pryor's   "Bucket List" moment finally came together over the past two years.

"I made a commitment to work on something I had always wanted to do for myself. These songs represent the kind of music that feels good to me.  And working with Wesley on each song helped me write deeper lyrics that spoke the truth about what I wanted to say, plus he totally understood how I wanted the music to feel.  I also wanted to strengthen my vocals and studied some techniques with Liz Johnson at the Nashville Jazz Workshop that would improve my sound and give me confidence in the recording studio."

After months of planning and creative collaboration, the 2022 release of  "COLD HARD TRUTH" is now a reality.  It has empowered energy that looks at relationships, with the idea that your attitude and being honest with yourself is what matters most.

"Everyone involved with this project gave amazing energy and talent to it and that inspired me to push myself and not hold back on the lead vocals.  Writing and recording these songs represents a dream fulfilled and the final result is beyond my expectations. Wesley and the team he put together helped make  it  happen and  I am truly grateful and ready to share this music."


With Special Thanks to: Misstyx Recording Studio- Nashville, TN -Owners: Darla  Rae Perlozzi & Tim Patterson


L K Pryor-Lead Vocals, Background Vocals- "I Won't Cry"

Wesley Pryor-Producer, Song Arrangements, Drums

Tim Patterson-Bass Guitar

James Mitchell-Lead Guitar

Steve Hinson-Slide Guitar

Sir Robert Arthur-Acoustic Guitar, Pre-production/ Song Charts

Luke Moseley-Keyboards

Dana Robbins-Saxaphone- "If Love's What You Make It"

Rodney Ingle-Recording and Mixing Engineer, Background Vocals & Arrangements

Songwriters- L K Pryor, Wesley Pryor- BMI-All Songs

Publisher- Angel Dog Music-BMI

Copyright- (c) 2022


Nashville Jazz Workshop-Liz Johnson: Vocal Technique


Website Design: Darla Rae Perlozzi

Cover Art Photo: Wesley Pryor

Cover Art Design: Alyssa Bonagura

"Earth Vibe" jewelry:  StarStrings, LLC: Molly Magdalain

Hair Stylist: Nancy Hutchison-Rolfes


Additional thanks to Reeder & Swift families for music & creative writing gifts and a lifetime of love & encouragement. And thanks to the Pryor family for love and support, along with beautiful clothing designs by Helen Pryor over the years.

Many thanks for friendship and support from Matchless Transportation in Nashville, TN- Owners: Diane & Peter Nesbitt and team.

Special Thanks to Nanette Malher for Leanne & the Surfbroads experience, plus introduction to Matchless Transportation.  Wes & I both appreciate your friendship & inspiration.

And much appreciation to  friends over the years for their kindness and support.  And to all the musicians and songwriters that I have worked with and been inspired by along the way. 

Life is a journey and I'm thankful to be taking this journey with all of you that have touched my life! Grateful to God for my musical gifts and creative inspiration..."Onward and Upward."


L K Pyor / "COLD HARD TRUTH"- Available for download on this webiste and all streaming services, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and many more distributed by Tunecore.



"Special Thanks" to Lew Jetton for adding the song "COLD HARD TRUTH" to his radio shows.  Catch State Line Blues Sunday nights on WDXR Paducah 96.3 6-8pm and on Shotgun Radio 97.1 East Prairie MO 10-midnight (streaming live  Also, 7-9 PM on  WKMS 91.3 Murray KY and  These stations report to Roots Music Report and Living Blues


"Amazing Thanks"  to LJ Coon for reaching out  to several radio stations worldwide and securing airplay of the song "COLD HARD TRUTH" on the following stations:  ICR 105.7-UK, 88.9 WynFM-Austrailia, New Zealand Country Music Radio Network, Always Hard- on Rock Radio, San Diego, CA, Radio Augusta International, ECMA-Radio Austria, and Blues Radio-Athens Greece. 


"I can't find enough words to say how much I appreciate the kindness and support  of these generous hearts that are taking time to support this project!  You have my heartfelt gratitude and wishes for many blessings!!"


Photo: About Section/ Location Shot- Two Boots Pizza-1925 Broadway, Nashville, TN..."Most excellent pizza!"

Two Boots was created in NYC's East Village in 1987 by two indie filmmakers, Doris Kornish & Phil Hartman, who loved pizza and all things New Orleans.  Two "Boots" refers to the shape of Italy and Louisiana.













"I am inspired by artists and organizations that uplift the lives of people in their communities and around the world.  I want to share their amazing efforts with the hope that others will also be inspired to connect with these organizations and share the love with others."

Many Thanks, L K Pryor

(From the Daily OM):  The journey of water as it flows can be a mirror of our own paths.  We are born in a specific time and place, within a specific family, and with certain gifts and challenges.  Within these parameters, we move through life, encountering many twists, turns and obstacles along the way just as a river flows.  Each time we move beyond our individual egos to become part of something bigger, we can try our best to follow the lead of the river.



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